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Weekly patti Chart
16 AUG 2021 TO 22 AUG 2021
0 => 460 - 370 - 190 - 226
1 => 489 - 560 - 155- 344
2 => 129 - 390 - 688 - 778
3 => 256 - 490 - 670 - 689
4 => 239 - 347 - 590 - 130
5 => 780 - 133 - 348 - 456
6 => 349 - 457 - 277 - 330
7 => 124 - 359 - 368 - 458
8 => 369 - 170 - 116 - 350
9 => 126 - 135 - 180 - 469
Weekly jodi Chart
16 AUG 2021 TO 22 AUG 2021
{15} {10} {16} {11}
{42} {43} {44} {49}
{53} {54} {56} {50}
{71} {78} {79} {70}
{84} {85} {87} {88}
{03} {04} {00} {05}

What is the History of Madhur Satta matka? 

Satta Matka, matka betting game or lottery game is concocted in 1950s. Satta matak appeared after the freedom of India. The organizer of Satta Matka is Ratan Khatri. He is otherwise called the King of satta matka. For the most part, Players additionally call Satta matka, Satta matta Matka as "Ankada Jugar". This Lottery game is turning out to be popular nowadays. The new assessment in the games makes matka game mainstream among satta players. 

How to play Madhur satta matka? 

Ratan Khatri presents the term opening and shutting paces of satta matka. Players pick an arbitrary number going from 0-9. The chose number is composed on paper and it is dropped into the matka. An individual then, at that point picks the number from the matka and the champ is pronounced. 

Changes in satta matka game 

Numerous progressions make satta matka a well known game in India. Presently you can play the games with three numbers utilizing the card. Players are getting live satta matka result. The new games in satta have gotten more engaging than any other time. 
The new satta is additionally offering an assurance of security. 
Join, one of the top and driving live satta gaming today, and win! 

Get Madhur Bazar At 

SATTA MATKA OM has now gotten quite possibly the most renowned satta destinations for playing SattaMatka games.Here you can play the most well known online Satta games with a fast SattaMatka Result. Things being what they are, would you like to find out about our satta site? Visit our site and get the best tips for Madhur Satta Matka. Our satta group is inviting you to the world's best SattaMatka games. We are offering the genuine Satta Matta Matka games for all players. Here you will get an astounding opportunity to win the SattaMatka King. Look at your Madhur Day Result and SattaMatka Result now 

What is the significance of satta matka ? 

SATTA MATKA: India' Most Popular Lottery Game Have you at any point caught wind of "SATTA", assuming indeed, you should know about satta matka. Satta Matka is a kind of Indian wagering that was presented before Indian freedom. In present day days, Satta Matka is a game that relies upon numbers and players play satta by speculating these numbers to win. On the off chance that you dominate the match, you will end up being the Satta King. It is safe to say that you are a profound heart aficionado of satta games, and furthermore wavering about playing the online satta game? Indeed, don't be wavering in the event that you are at SATTA MATKA OM

How might you get satta result on the web? 

Satta Matka is known as the best Indian wagering game. Presently satta games are accompanying greater energy with internet gaming advancements. Players can get any of their satta games on their advanced cells. 

Who can get satta games ? 

Everybody (above 18+) can get Satta games. Satta matka games are one of the most straightforward and the least demanding internet games. Satta games will make you glad and furthermore give you an opportunity to win cash. Join satta matches and dominate your cash today! 

Which is the best satta game ? 

All satta games are ideal for playing. In any case, Kalyan Matka with Madhur Matka is the most ideal alternative to play since it is the least demanding game to play. Kalyan Chart offers you the shot at getting the insane choices. On the off chance that you wish tob become a champ quicker than Kalyan Matka is best for you 

What is Madhur Satta Matka ? 

Madhur Satta Matka is a kind of Satta Matka wagering. Madhur Day is a kind of game that depends on karma. Madhur Bazar is a standout amongst other satta games that players love the most. Here you can find Madhur Night Chart and Madhur Chart as essential terms. It is one of the games that are players are playing for rapidly winning the cash.
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